The work Akané Ogura creates is inspired by femininity and nature. To her femininity is whimsical and delicate yet deep and powerful. Ogura feels it’s deeply connected to nature. Femininity and nature come together to complete a circle that is tenuous in its delicacy and wild in its complexity. Ogura aims to depict the moments of evanescence and the atmospheric mood from her everyday life. Her work explores the poetic, dreamy, and imaginative nostalgia.
Her aesthetic is integral to who she is,  a Japanese girl growing up in Japan, being influenced by her mother who is passionate about French Art and Literature, and Academic painting education in America. Her work wanders between Japan and the West, combining line drawing and painting, brushstrokes and rendering, opacity and translucency, and balance between space and decorative elements. It is a coalescence of Japanese and Western aesthetic. 

Ogura is originally from Japan and currently based in New York City. She studied Fashion Design and worked as a Theatrical Costume Designer in Tokyo. She moved to California in 2004 and later received a BFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2010. Since 2009 she has been exhibiting her work in several group shows in Tokyo, San Francisco and New York.